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WW Livestock Equipment

"A lot can change in 5 years, your equipment shouldn’t be one of them”

This statement reflects the quality craftsmanship and rugged durability that each WW product offers. WW offers a wide variety of cattle working equipment along with many options for you horse needs as well. All equipment is backed with an industry leading 5 year warranty. WW offers efficient livestock handling equipment which exerts a minimum level of stress to livestock and maximizes safety and ease of handling for the operator.

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  • All controls on front corner of chute for one-man operation.
  • Retractable squeeze arm allows safe, unrestricted, movement around chute by operator.
  • Steel cables synchronize headgate movement with 180 degree swing.
  • Hinged dropbars on both sides of chute with foolproof gravity latches.
  • Steel floor with floor cleats for sure footing
  • WW Yoke Trailers fit all WW Squeeze Chutes

Beefmaster Standard


Length: 119"
Height: 86"
Weight: 2040#

Beefmaster XL-2VG

The Beefmaster XL-2VG has all the well-designed features of the Standard Beefmaster but has extra length to accommodate 22" rear entry gates on both sides for Palpating or Al Work.


Length: 119"
Height: 86"
Weight: 2040#

Hydraulic Chutes

Standard Features That Make the W-W Hydraulic Chute "A Cut Above the Rest"

  • All control arms and center squeeze bars are equipped with sealed bearings.
  • Fold-down bars are saddle cut for extra strength and feature spring-loaded latches.
  • All bearings come equipped with grease zirks for easy maintenance.
  • All chutes feature emergency side exit as standard equipment.
  • Side-drop door latch is located in center of drop door and activates latches on both ends simultaneously.
  • Pressure gauge on all units reduces possibility of injury to animals.
  • Super quiet hydraulic system greatly reduces possibility of "Noise Panic" by animals being worked.

Stampede Squeeze Chute

The 2K Self Catch comes standard with 2 easy access neck injection doors and an inline bifold door for advanced noise reduction- the heaviest constructed tail gate on the market! All of our squeezes have a parallel axis body with a range of motion from 9" to 32", accommodating any size animal. The innovative 2K Self-Catch squeeze comes standard with WW Stampede Steel's state-of-the-art head catch system. We have advanced our operating system with a chain driven head gate, eliminating cables and allowing the operator to make easy adjustments with no hassle! The WW Stampede Steel head gate systems is controlled completely from the rear of the squeeze, removing the operator from the animal's flight zone, facilitating optimal animal movement and creating true "one person" operation. The 2K Self-Catch headgate is designed with our unique head restraining neck extenders, making implanting, neck injections, tagging, as well as any eye or head work a simple task. WW Stampede Steel's headgates are designed for safe and efficient head restraint.


Length: 119"
Height: 86"
Weight: 2040#

Contact Beaumont Specialty Products to add optional equipment such as a Palpation Cage, Right or Left Hand Controls, or to discuss other Chute options.